Say Good Bye To Cat Littering Now! Buyer’s Guide To The Best Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

Silly pet cat. That’s exactly what I made use of to assume when cleaning up the litterbox as well as whining to myself regarding him prancing around like royalty while I tidy up after his greatness. Obviously, the basic remedy of getting rid of the little fluffball isn’t actually a choice because of the better half’s emotional add-on. So what’s a man to do?

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My very first attempt at solving the problem was to look for some sort of automatic can, urging that somebody needs to have this identified now– I was right, however there are a number of options as well as you could only do so much analysis about a feline litter box prior to you feel uncomfortable as well as bored. I picked the Littermaid box which essentially makes use of a rake to stumble upon the trash, scooping up any type of cat droppings right into a container which ends up being air-tight after the rake goes back to its resting location.

After some moderate threats about giving the feline away, I received other half approval for the expense and purchased it quickly …

The next week the package arrived bundle our doorstep and we as well as home hurried house to job it. The plan had 5 pieces, the lower pan, the leading motor and rake assembly, the 2 pieces of the closed container (non reusable btw, although you could simply unload it out as I did) as well as a little carpeted ramp that the cat can walk up.

As soon as loaded with trash (clumping is required, so that the liquid could be scooped up as well) you simply turn it on and walk away– or such is the theory. In technique, we discovered the Littermaid to be really sensitive to litter degrees, as well as although there is a line on the in for “maximum level” we typically located that a little below this line functioned best. As well much clutter as well as the rake has a difficult time going back to its relaxing position, as well as ends up running back and also forth regularly up until you eliminate some litter.

If you’re interested, we assess the Littermaid in even more deepness. Overall, the Littermaid was a step up– yet it wasn’t fairly … excellent. After regarding a year, I began browsing once again, wishing that some great engineers somewhere had actually created a style that was just that far better.
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Certainly, they had, as well as it was called the Cat Genie. I read about the principle, some cat genie reviews as well as was immediately satisfied. The Feline Genie connects to your cool water faucet, your drainpipe (laundry room drain or commode) as well as power to ensure that it can completely handle the entire process.

CatGenie configuration
The principle is that you have granules that are the same consistency as clutter, yet are long-term. The feline does his business, after that each time set by you the CatGenie starts to dig the solids (liquids drain pipes instantly with drain openings at the bottom of package, into a holding location until the cycle runs) and also place them into what amounts to a mixer concealed inside the main device. Water blended with perfumed ‘SaniSolution’ (the environment-friendly item in the picture) is after that diminish the side of the dish, while the dish looks to make sure everything is washed down. The impeller in the back melts and also turns on all the feline poop before sending it down the tubes (with other liquids from the holding storage tank mentioned prior to). During this, the rake comes down, cleans the granules and also generally stirs points up (including washing the rake itself). Lastly, once the final drain cycle occurs, a blow-dryer switches on and dries the granules, producing a best tidy box for feline. Absolutely amazing, both from an engineering viewpoint and from sheer happiness of never ever touching package again.

In my individual experience, the only grabs we had were pertaining to the drainpipe hose pipe – it’s pretty long, so making certain there typically aren’t any sharp bends along the road (steady edges are great) as well as making sure that it isn’t squeezed on completion. Everything else is hands-off once you modify it a little bit to make certain that the drain course is clear. SaniSolution cartridges are good for 60 uses, so based on the suggested ‘variety of cycles daily = number of pet cats’ formula, the SaniSolution will certainly last two months with one feline, one month with two pet cats, and more. SaniSolution is the only recurring expense nonetheless, as the trash granules are permanent. As one reader mentioned, the $20/month that is conserved by not buying clutter lead to the Pet cat Genie spending for itself in just over a year.

Remarkably, I have grown to like the little individual over the previous 6 months– Having not touched his box during this time around makes all the distinction, although he still acts like he possesses the place … For any individual that is taking into consideration purchasing an automated can, I very advise the Feline Genie. These individuals have the CatGenie 120 at a far better cost than any person else, and have unbelievably rapid shipping, even to Canada (we purchased from them with regular shipping as well as had it in a week).


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